Lesser-Known Historical Sites Around the World

Synthia Shilling, an experienced labor and employment attorney, drafted final agency decisions and reviewed reports as a former EEO contract attorney for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC. Outside of her legal work, Synthia Shilling enjoys traveling, and especially enjoys visiting different historical sites.

Most individuals know about big historical destinations such as Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal, but there are several other sites that are worth a visit even though they are frequently overlooked. Following are just a few of the lesser-known historical sites that are worth seeing.

1. Cueva De Las Manos in Santa Cruz, Argentina, is full of neolithic drawings and paintings dating back 13,000 years. Most of the images depict hunting scenes, but there is also a host of stenciled silhouettes of hands on the walls. It is believed that the Patagonians placed their hands on the wall and blew paint over them, creating a sprayed silhouette.

2. Built by Emperor Akbar, Agra Fort is a vast and impressive sandstone fortification surrounding a city full of mosques, palaces, and everything in between. Although the site is often recognized as one of India’s most outstanding creations, it tends to be overshadowed by the nearby Taj Mahal.

3. Calakmul in Mexico was the capital of the Mayan Snake Kingdom. Offering the best preserved architecture in the country, it is home to almost 7,000 ancient structures and was once a major influence in Mesoamerica. However, reaching Calakmul requires visitors to make quite a hike.

4. Herculaneum is frequently ignored by visitors who often spend most of their time visiting the nearby and more well-known city of Pompeii. Herculaneum also suffered destruction when Mount Vesuvius erupted, but the city sustained much less damage than its neighbor, so that many of its ancient buildings still stand up to two stories high.


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